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What does the Business Degree program teach and how?

An online degree in Business Administration helps in increasing your marketability, gaining a competitive edge, and putting your career on the fast track by acquiring quality education at your convenience. The degree is targeted at people who seek to position themselves for growth in the global economic environment.

The curriculum provides an innovative integration of core business areas and business themes. While business courses are nested in a core business area, they are also designed to help students develop an understanding of one or more of the business themes. The elimination of functional silos better prepares students for assessing organizational performance and developing organizational strategies.

Some of the core business areas that are taught in such online Business degree programs are:

  • Domestic and global economic environments,
  • Human behavior in organizations,
  • Creation and distribution of goods and services,
  • Financial reporting, analysis, and markets.

The Business degree inculcates skills pertaining to leadership, strategic planning, customer and market, information and analysis, human resources, and process management. It revolves around the concepts of business organization, communication, decision-making, planning, motivating, controlling, group dynamics, leadership, and change. Examples of common day-to-day management and supervisory problems provide realistic case studies.

As in the case of traditional business degree programs, online business degree programs offer a variety of fields of specialization to its students. These include marketing, engineering, information technology, healthcare, ebusiness, finance and many more.

Online Business degree programs integrate today's high-tech capabilities proven educational methodologies. The result is solid education enhanced by the latest in interactive information technology - computer-mediated e-mail and threaded conversations, video tapes and the Internet - that enables students to send and receive feedback from instructors as well as to participate in various group and team activities with fellow online students.

Student academic performance for online learning is assessed via thorough evaluation of contributions to team/group activities, participation in threaded discussions and performance on individual assignments, projects, papers and case studies. By combining these activities with results from quizzes and examinations, instructors can build complete portfolios reflecting students' mastery of course objectives.

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